Introducing... Sterling

A band located in the sleepy town of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire. They play rock with a brit-pop twist to it. Their singer said that their influences are "The best of Britain" with the likes of The Stranglers, James, The Prodigy and Oasis cropping up. Drummer Tom Powell said "We don't categorise ourselves into certain genres and outfits. We have big sing along songs, I'd say that's our concept"

Below is a review I have done of Sterling when they played Club Blub @ Half Moon, Bishops Stortford in May of this year.
They have the right combination of attitude, catchy lyrics, showmanship and (most importantly) really good at playing their music live! Their sound ranged from Arctic Monkeys to on the cusp of Brit-Rock. They are a force to be reckoned with and with another strong local following be sure to pop along to one of their gigs as you won't be disappointed, and may I say 'A Sterling performance'!
You can hear the Oasis influence more than the rest but I'd hardly say that's a problem. They sound better than Oasis, and this is evident in the track that's up on their bandpage on facebook. 'Heading For The Sun' is (in a nut-shell) what this band is all about, a perfect advert for them.

Sterling - Heading For The Sun