Track of the week... Morning Parade - Close To Your Heart

This is the first offering from Morning Parade, sounds odd? Well this track is produced by David Kosten, famous for the Everything Everything album, and he is the producer for their d├ębut album. So expect quality like this throughout the record. Fans may recognise this because in late 2010 and early 2011 they played this four times within 4 weeks. The production is top quality, I expected this from Kosten but this track is just a perfect advert for the band, everyone in the can be heard in equal measure which makes this the perfect song to get into Morning Parade.
"Break out of the cast, and stop digging up the past"

This song is such a tease as the album is so close and we still don't know if this song will be on it. But one thing is for sure that this track is amazing. You can hear the whole band enjoy playing this, even though this is recorded in a studio they still have such chemistry. Be sure to keep an eye out on their twitter and their facebook sites as I am sure an album announcement is near.

Morning Parade - Close To Your Heart by It's All Indie