Track of the week... Wu Lyf - Concrete Gold

A belated track of the week but blame work for that one... Still, worth the wait I assure you! Wu Lyf are one of the bands that have grown up from rough demos to producing a wonderful d├ębut album. 'Concrete Gold' was originally a rough demo with all of the others with nothing special coming from it.

My gosh has the album version produced one of my tracks of the year, the piano chords, guitar style, the vocals and even the drumming and bass are all in-twine here and it is a happy Indie track that makes you forget about everything and just enjoy the track. It's rare for an artist to get a track of the week from me and even rarer is getting two in the same year. Wu Lyf are one of those artists with a big future ahead of them!

Wu Lyf - Dirt
Wu Lyf - Heavy Pop