Introducing... Alpines

Alpines are from Kingston-Upon-Thames in London, their music can be described in a few ways. Indie-Dub-Step would be a lazy way in putting them into a pigeon hole but Electronic synths, wobbly bass and thudding drum lines is what they are all about.

They only have 3 'studio' tracks on their soundcloud - 'Cocoon' and 'Drive' are below - and both of the tracks are intoxicating to the perfect measure. They have seemed to find the niche that The XX found when they rose to fame, something new with a touch of the familial. If I had to pick a track for you to listen to out of the 3 that they have, I'd have to choose 'Drive'. Pulsating beats, wobbling Dub-Step bass but with the gentle vocals and charisma of any established artist. Everything about them shouts success!

Drive by Alpines

Aplines - Drive (Akira Kiteshi Remix)