Introducing... Drive

It does seem to be the place for up-coming bands right now, the Hertfordshire county of the UK is certainly producing some great young bands and here is another! Drive, are a four piece Alternative Rock band from Hertfordshire. Two of the members originally met at Glastonbury 2010, and after a few glitches with previous bands along the way, the four-piece eventually formed in April 2011 and started writing immediately. After a few sessions they made a demo with a friend of theirs, which was passed around the Internet at some speed. What came of it? 'No Feel'

‘No feel’ has featured on several different English radio stations, and has even leaked its way into the American radio waves, and I can see why! With over 2000 plays on their own soundcloud account the track is a dark post-punk track with hooks, crunching bass and deep vocals. If you want to compare, they sound like a new Chapel Club for the young generation. They have been also recommended to fans of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and some newer bands on the scene such as Tribes and Wavves. If I were you I'd download their stuff as soon as you can, it's great, honestly, great tracks, download them at the bottom of the page!

No Feel (demo) by Drive.

Drive - Falling Back (Demo)
Drive - No Feel (New Mix)