Introducing... The Hollyhocks

The Hollyhocks are a band based in Turin, Italy and they play Post-Punk Revival with a dark edge and a little niche. They are one band amongst many that sent in an email for this section of the blog and I absolutely love their song 'Absinthe' and the first track on the EP 'Anthem For Burnt Youth'

If you - like me - love their sound do give their EP a listen, it's streaming below! You won't be disappointed if you liked other bands I blogged about - Repeater and Rapids! - then you will love this band too. I would have to say 'Anthem For Burnt Youth' would be a great track for you to start on, listen to that then follow up with 'Mind' which has rushing guitars, powerful choruses and pulsating beats from the synths. Yes guys, this young Italian band are making themselves known!

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