Introducing... Polarsets

Polarsets is the teaming of Rob Howe (vocals/guitar), Mickey Smith (bass/vocals) and James Rudd (drums/vocals) who first released "Morning" months ago, but are now getting a nice little push with the help of Neon Gold that will be releasing the track early September. They make the kind of joyous, Indie-Pop that’s not been this complete since The Sunshine Underground or even the Klaxons, although this is less experimental than the latter and more pop than the former, making them so perfectly radio friendly, yet so much fun to listen to!

Their d├ębut single with tastemaker label Kitsune, ‘Sunshine Eyes’, flashes a new scope however and reveals previously hidden potential. And their up-coming single being given a 9/10 from us be sure to keep checking back on them to see if they have exploded onto the scene, my guess... it's just a matter of time!