News: Bloc Party back in the studio

With speculation ever since they announced they went on hiatus regarding their return, the first hardcore evidence has surfaced. Russell Lissack tweeted a couple of days ago saying "Off to NYC to see three old friends", then later on that day he posted a picture of "A mysterious drummer" which is Matt Tong (below). In a interview I had with Russell Lissack a couple of weeks ago Russell stated that "Bloc Party will come back".

Matt Tong only a couple of days ago responeded to me saying " Matt Tong Hi Fred. Unfortunately, we're a bit tied up with writing right now...", with cynics saying this isn't much to go on Matt responded to a follower on facebook saying they are recording late on in the year.

It is a well known fact that Kele and Matt both live in America and this further strengthens the argument that they are in the studio. Gordon who has been recording with his band Young Legionnaire have finished recording their EP which is due for a September release. This is now being mastered. Gordon obviously is in NYC as you can see from the image above, dispelling rumours he is still in the UK.

Having been hailed by many as one of the best UK bands of the last 5 years it will be more than a pleasure to see them play live again in the not too distant future.

Bloc Party - Sunday (Rough Cut)

Isn't that right Matthew!