News: Young Legionnaire announce 10" EP

Young Legionnaire last week announced that they will be releasing a brand new EP in September on glorious vinyl! This will be their 2nd major release on the Wichita label and will be the end of lots of hard work. Read the following post they made on their blog below.
"It’s been a quiet summer amongst the Legionnaires, but we have been working on-and-off on a new Wichita release for Autumn. At time of writing we’re still putting the final touches and vocals on the five or six new tracks that will form the release, which should coincide with our September tour. As of yet the only song with a title is a chiming, euphoric number called ‘We Can Build You’."

"Our first instinct for the EP was that it should have a little more of the immediacy and ‘liveness’ of our shows, but as with every release we’ve done, we’ve still wanted to craft something with sonic depth as much as power. Happily we can report some huge crunching riffs and compelling melodies: business as usual. We’ve also enlisted the services of a certain Mr. Alex Newport to mix the EP so all being well it will be chunky and ‘robust’, to ape the language of police officials and politicans of late."
Keep on checking their facebook and twitter accounts for places to buy the EP from, it's due to have 6 songs on it, but to be honest I am looking forward to it regardless.

Young Legionnaire - A Hole In the World by It's All Indie (Fred)