Single Review... Rugosa Nevada - Sunset Cannons

A week late so sorry for the delay. Right. Rugosa Nevada have had a good year, now being signed to a local label with their mates they love to play shows. And what else, they go on tour with a friends band too (WhiteMoor). They have so far ripped it up at all of their shows and with a few more left on the tour do check the bottom of the post for the last tour dates.

Sunset Cannons:
Right so the track, where to start? The start has a great intro, it bursts into life from the beginning with fast tempo Rock. The Indie side of them creeps in on them on one of the guitars, but thats ok more of an audience to attract! The chorus is really a great rush, it combines riffs, fast drumming and wonderful signing. They have come up a notch from their d├ębut EP, and from what I am hearing, they are still on course to do great things!
Out of 10: 9/10

This is a slower track than the A-Side but still the level of brilliance doesn't drop one bit. They delve slightly into a Nirvana-esque style but with more heart and soul. The track builds up from its dark beginnings to climax after 3minutes30seconds. Then it drops back to the slow dark rock, and then reverts back to the epic noise I have come to love!
Out of 10: 8/10

Rugosa Nevada - Sunset Cannons
Out of 10: 8.5/10

22-Aug: Finns, Weymouth - 01305 770 381
23-Aug: Bull & Gate, London (Club Fandango) - 020 7485 5358
24-Aug: The Hydrant, Brighton - 01273 608 313