Single Review... Theme Park - A Mountain We Love / Wax

Transgressive Records are proud to launch its new imprint label Paradyse with the release of Theme Park's début single 'A Mountain We Love / Wax'. It is limited to only 250 - one of which I have bought - and they are hand labelled for that personal touch to a great début for a band that'll be big in the future.

A Mountain We Love:
This song has that pulsating guitar riff that I love, cowbells and tight drumming. "Automatic warm reaction", that's how the brothers Miles and Marcus Haughton opens the song, and I'd have to agree, you can really warm to this track from the get go. With great hooks in the chorus this is a song I've been humming ever since I've first heard it!
Out 0f 10: 8.5/10

'Wax' seems to be the yang of the double A-Side single, a slower track with the bass more prominent in the opening third. Tingling guitar riffs and sexy samples taken straight out of The XXs' books. Something familiar with a soft touch of the retro 80's slow jams. Theme Park are easily one of the best bands that'll be breaking soon, and I would be very upset if they don't get onto the BBC sound for 2012 list.
Out of 10: 9/10

Theme Park - A Mountain We Love / Wax
Out of 10: 8.8/10

A Mountain We Love by Theme Park