Single Review... Tied To The Mast - Plain Lazy

This is a British band with a difference. If anything is evident in the world of music, having a DIY attitude gets things done. The Pixies did it in 1987 with the 'Purple Tape' and Sub Pop changed an industry from the 'inside out' in the 1990s with the same 'can-do' attitude. It’s happening all over again with Mostar Records and Tied To The Mast.

Plain Lazy:
Embracing a cacophony of sounds, and melding the DNA strands of Nirvana & Sonic Youth, the haemoglobin ‘Plain Lazy’ debut single brings together the slacker art rock of Beck & Pavement, whilst sitting comfortably alongside the British song-writing of the Kinks and Supergrass. Tied To The Mast create a Frankenstein monster of Art-Rock, Alt-Rock and Math-Pop to create a sound that is distinctly their own. It's the perfect summer soundtrack... So give it a spin and have a listen...
Out of 10: 7.5/10

Tied To The Mast - Plain Lazy
Out of 10: 7.5/10