Track of the week... I Heart Sharks - Wolves

Heart Sharks is an Indie-Tronic-Pop band from Berlin. The members Pierre, Simon and George all moved to Berlin and started playing together in this constellation in November 2007. Pierre grew up in London and brings the English lyrics and accent to the band as well as playing synthesizers. Simon started as the guitarist and has now taken on the job of playing synthesizers in some songs. George is the bands drummer that plays a live drum set combined with a sample pad.

So what do you get when you combine electronic beats infused with guitar riffs? Well most people will go for Two Door Cinema Club or down the more electronic route towards Delphic. This song trumps both of those bands by miles! With a bouncing drum beat and punchy synths the track builds itself up to be a stomping track, the bridge strengthens this argument. The chorus comes in and euphoria kicks in.

With trumpets accompanying the finale to the track it gives you a ever lasting impression of this great band that surely does have a great track just waiting to be discovered by the masses!

I Heart Sharks - Wolves by Berlin Music Commission