Album Review... Airship - Stuck In The Ocean

'Stuck In The Ocean' is the début album by Mancunian band Airship. While waiting for the making of the album, I've been feeding off the band’s 2 EPs, namely 'Algebra' and 'Spirit Of The Beehive'. Maybe because I'm really used to the songs on their EPs, the new mixes heard in the actual album didn’t sound quite right to me.

Starting off the album, we have 'Algebra' - a new mix. Instead of the 'old' one which opens directly with guitar chords, the 'new' version has an intro to it. The intro, in my opinion, doesn't do much good. I much prefer the song opening directly. Despite being a bit disappointed by the first track, the second track made it all up. 'Invertebrate' is an extremely joyous song. Its bouncy rhythm and loud crashes just makes me feel a rush of serotonin to my brain. Although I don’t really know the lyrics, I still hum engagingly to it - that’s how good it is. Don’t trust me? Try for yourself!

Following up next is 'Kids', a song that I think has a lot of meaning in it. Musically, the song is energetic and would be very suitable for the nearly over summer. The fourth track, 'Gold Watches' acts as an interlude, as it's not as loud as the previous tracks. Occupy yourself in an adventure with Airship by playing 'Gold Watches'. I somehow linked the green in their band shot to this track, 'Gold Watches' seems to be taking me to that particular forest.

'Spirit Party is one of my favourite tracks by Airship from their EPs. To be frank, I do not quite like this album version. This 'new' version seems much more fast-paced. I enjoy the bit of serenity that’s in the 'old' one. The bit towards the end is a bit too chaotic for my liking. After having heard this album version, I actually went back to the EP version, and not surprisingly, found myself more in love with the old one.

Fast forward to the later part of the album, there is 'Test'. It has an interesting recurring guitar riff that is played throughout the song. The title track, 'Stuck In The Ocean' is found at the very last of the album. 'I've been living in a coma' starts the song in a mysterious way. Soon as the song progresses, and the drums and guitar kicks in, it comes alive. It puts a nice little full stop to the album. You’ll find some of the earlier tunes from the album ringing in your head for a while.

Even though I am mildly disappointed by the new mixes of the older songs off Airship’s EP, this album is highly enjoyable in terms of a début.

Airship - Stuck In The Ocean
Out of 10: 8/10

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By - Coco Wong