Album Review... Flashguns - Passions Of A Different Kind

'Passions of a Different Kind' is the first album from London band Flashguns. It was recorded and produced with Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode) and Barney Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) in Somerset and Kent. It has been a long wait for their fans, but I am sure after reading this review they will be really eager to go out and buy it, seriously, you're in for a great d├ębut!

Having toured with Bombay Bicycle Club, the two bands can easily be musical siblings, they sound similar yet with a different appeal. While BBC are aiming for the stars writing radio friendly, play-it-safe songs, Flashguns are true to their word. With the opening track the album bursts into life with 'Sounds Of The Forest' ripping right through my ears and delivering a great opener to what is set to be an amazing album! It's fast paced and full of great hooks and riffs, something we love here! 'Passions Of A Different Kind'. It doesn't have the stadium rock credentials of 'Sounds Of The Forest' but it more than makes up for this in charm. The verse features jangly guitars, not dissimilar from The Smiths', which breaks into a sing-your-heart-out chorus of
"I found this passion, a different kind"

The next two tracks could easily be two different bands, 'No Point Of Hanging Around' opens with a riff that could easily belong to such bands as Biffy Clyro, and continues to be a slightly heavier track throughout. Further more 'The Beginning' is the complete opposite from it, The XX comes to mind here with the simple opening to the song, sample pads and very smooth guitar chimes in the background. 'Candles Out' is the album centerpiece, something to define the band by, great hooks, wondrous hypnotising vocals and a tight bass line! and the same can be said for 'Good Breeding'!

The latter half of the album is filled with previous work such as 'Racing Race', 'Come And See The Lights' which provide the fans with something to shout out about, the newly produced versions are crisp and yet still pleasurable this time round listening to it as it has ever been! Two of the newer songs such as 'Noah' and 'Good Breeding' are (on the first listen) very urgent, especially 'Noah' which is one of those songs I can see still being played when the band are touring their 5th album! They are going to rocket up the charts with this album, I can see them doing very well on the back of this release!

Flashguns - Passions Of A Different Kind
Out of 10: 8.6/10

Flashguns - Racing Race by Flashguns