Album Review... S.C.U.M - Again Into Eyes

The début from S.C.U.M. proves two things. First, that suggestions they are new Horrors are put to rest, they are better. And the second being that I can't believe I have turned down to see them countless times (or maybe around 4 times) for free... yes good on me.

They do have some great tracks in here such as 'Days Untrue' and 'Requiem' remind me about The Horrors in a way that makes me sound like a simpleton, but apart from that these two are really strong, the back-bone of the album, keeping you interested for the next track.

They have made this album so easy to like, as this is only the second time I have sat down to hear it I can see what all the fuss is about, but one thing is odd about this record. Why put their most known track - 'Whitechapel' - on the end of the album, yes it's more suited to closing the album but why couldn't they use this as the opening track, it would make me hooked from the off rather than the synth laden post-rock-esque that is 'Faith Unfolds'

S.C.U.M - Again Into Eyes
Out of 10: 7.9/10

S.C.U.M Amber Hands (demo) by Mute UK