Gig Review... Dive Bella Dive @ The Guildhall, Gloucester, 24th Septemnber 2011

A band I am very proud to know is Dive Bella Dive, we first 'Introduced' you guys to them back in August, and their first ever show was this one I am reviewing, and my gosh, did they rock! Dive Bella Dive combine their powerful vocals with great guitar riffs and hooks. They have just put up their very first track - A home demo so don't judge it - called 'Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return)' and it's a rush of Punk combined with Dance and Rock elements. If I were you I'd keep an eye on them, with the record label Island backing them they will be big in 2012!

This was their first ever show under the name as 'Dive Bella Dive' and from the performance you would've thought that they have been playing as a four piece for ages! With a great front-man in the form of Barnaby, great past paced drumming from Benjamin, amazing Bass/Synth skills from Dan absolutely blew the crowd away! One thing I will take away from this gig is the truly astounding gear the band used, not forgetting to mention the Nintendo Game-boy that guitarist Sam used, which was a stroke of genius as it got the young crowd moving, dancing and moshing, really got the place bouncing, loved every second of their set!

Dive Bella Dive played:
Jack The Ripper
Son,I'm Alive
The Pokéjam
Here's To The Enemy
Spend The Night.

Dive Bella Dive - Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return) (Home Demo)