Gig Review... Fixers @ Shepherds Bush, London, 14th September 2011

With doors opening at 19:00 instead of 19:30 which was what I was expecting I thought, great Fixers will be on at 19:30... nope... 20:00... nope, they rocked up onto the stage at 20:30, which is fine. I was just being a impatient boy to be honest. Fixers opened up their set with 'Another Lost Apache' which is a bouncy track with riffs and sweet vocals, this got the crowd on their side from the off! After that they went into 'Crystals' which (I would say) is their signature track, this got a lot of radio play and I even noticed a few people singing along to it, I know I was.

At this point I noticed the drum-kit, it had a projection of yellow, red and orange colours on it swirling around, I thought it was a nice addition to this (already) quirky band. 'Uriel' was next up which is the 3rd track in their latest EP and also by coincidence the 3rd track in the set. This is a slower track but then builds up speed towards the end with people banging their heads along to the clunking bass and drums.

Their latest single was the next in the set with synths, fast drumming and quick bursts if guitars, this song basically sealed the deal for me, their best track by far, 'Swimmhaus Johannesburg' is out now for you to buy. 'Iron Deer Dream' and 'Amsterdam' were the next two songs, by their fan-base these are now considered oldies as they constantly keep on releasing EPs, Singles and free songs (which I love by the way). 'Majesties Ranch' closed the set, this track is new to me but you can hear it on youtube, just search for it and you can find thier amazing set closer there, a live recording but still, amazing right??? Of course!

The band is without doubt on top form here proving to me that they are ones to look out for in 2012 when they release their album.

Fixers played:
Another Lost Apache
Swimmhaus Johannesburg
Iron Deer Dream
Majesties Ranch

Swimmhaus Johannesburg by Fixers.

Fixers - Surf Wax E.P (March 2010/Self Released)