Gig Review... Polarsets @ The Guildhall, Gloucester, 24th Septemnber 2011

Polarsets is the teaming of Rob Howe (vocals/guitar), Mickey Smith (bass/vocals) and James Rudd (drums/vocals) who first released "Morning/Sunset" just under a month ago. They rocked up to The Underground Festival full of confidence after a couple of great singles generating quite a lot of interest in them. One of those people who was really eager to see them was myself and a couple of mates who are now hooked on this band!

With a rush of drumming and samples, they kicked off the set with a very summery feel to it, this was made more apparent when they interluded their first song into 'Leave Argentina', which got the crowd bouncing up and down, it felt like the floor was going to cave in, they really got them jumping around, and considering most of the people didn't know them prior to the festival they really got them hooked onto every beat! A highlight for me was 'Morning' and 'Sunshine Eyes', which work very well together, the cowbell-esque synths, and a chorus that can rival any of the best anthems mixed in with the dance feel of 'Sunshine Eyes' really sealed the deal for me, two of their best songs after each other. My gosh they were worth the travel, I will be sure to check them out again very soon! You should too, great performance!

Polarsets played:
Leave Argentina
Sunshine Eyes
"Summer related name
" - New Song

Polarsets - Morning (Midnight Lion Mix) by Midnight Lion