Hidden Gems... Crystal Fighters - Fiesta

This is a rare B-Side that featured on the 'Plage' 7" single that was released at the start of the European summer, just in time for the European festival season. An online version of the song only surfaced towards the end of the summer, so that's the reason why it's so late up.!

This is a cover and partial translated version of 'Golpes Bajos' 1984 hit 'Fiesta De Los Maniquies'. They have certainly done the original justice with a re-vamp of the song, translated it for the English speaking market. They even play this song live, which is a nice treat to hear them actually sing in Spanish, rather than pretending to be Spanish - with tom-foolery such as their accents, they are from Hackey for crying out loud! - but other than that, it's a nice diversion away from their own material, may the Spanish lyrics continue!

Crystal Fighters - Fiesta by It's All Indie (Fred)