Hidden Gems... White Lies - Taxidermy

One of the best songs ever not to make it onto an album, and I really mean that! This has been played in their set ever since they wrote this amazing track, I love everything about it, from the rush of the chorus, to the lyrics.
There's no kiss of life so baby don't pretend
With your heart in your throat and a gun to your head
You can burn the money in the fireplace
You keep on telling what life's to the little kids
I think it's time they knew just what it means to live
You can burn your parents in the fireplace

This track isn't played anymore live as it's a B-Side from one of their earliest ever singles, which is a shame as they gave it a special release on iTunes as a filler track before they announced their 2nd album 'Ritual'. You can find this on the original version of this song on the first pressing of 'Death' on 7" vinyl.

White Lies - Taxidermy