Introducing... Spector

Spector are, Fred Macpherson (vocals), Christopher Burman (guitar), Thomas Shickle (bass), Jed Cullen (synth, guitar), Danny Blandy (drums). Spector are a band that play a dark type of Post-Punk Revival with a touch of their new influences such as Editors and Arcade Fire. With great soulful lyrics and a powerful presence from the front man, Spector can only now snowball on from the festival scene to be massive in 2012! Having already seen them play live at a festival, I would like to say that I will be more than pleased to see them again!

Fred can really sing, coming all the way from the heart this lead singer has such a great presence when listening to their music. If you wanted a track to get into them from the get-go, just listen to 'What You Wanted' or 'Never Fade Away' - the latter which is below - they already have two great tracks in the wings for their d├ębut album.

Spector - Never Fade Away by Luv Luv Luv