News: Kele - What Did I Do, what do you think?

After releasing his début track from his EP (due out 31st October 2011), there has been mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. I do not personally like the dub-step aspect of the song, he seems to be going towards the generic top 40 simple minded stuff. But on the other hand, at least he is getting it out of his system, and who knows what the other tracks on the EP will sound like. I hope not Dub-Step, but more 'The Boxer' -esque would be brilliant.

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After listening to the snippets from iTunes, I have to say it's a wide variety of genres, from Tropical-Dance, to RnB, to Dub-Step and even simple Electronia tracks. I am eager to hear the full versions after this fiasco. Maybe a stripped down 'mix' of 'What Did I Do?' would be more up my street!

The lead song from The Hunter EP, released 7 November on Wichita Recordings.