Gig Review... Chapel Club @ Shepherds Bush, London, 18th October 2011

Chapel Club are slowly becoming the next band from London that will then go on and dominate the European music scene - the last being White Lies. Tonight was a special occasion, the band were playing two sets, one of brand new tracks. Lewis (Singer) said "Please bear with us, some of these songs were only written a few weeks ago", and one of 'old' tracks from their d├ębut album 'Palace'.

So their new songs were first out of the blocks, but the first track was kept all minimal and used lots of synths with the bass guitar only being used at the end of the song. They then went on to play some tracks that lived up to the billing of Dance songs. Lewis last month (September) said "the second album will be full of songs to dance to", and they sure did. The crowd wasn't dancing along, more to the shock Chapel Club - a band that is known for it's poetic lyrics, gentle riffs and smooth playing - were playing tracks that had a fast tempo to it. They were more in awe of the songs, and from my point of view, I loved the new tracks, reminded me of when Bloc Party played new songs live before they put out 'A Weekend In The City', and look how they turned out, bigger than ever!

The second half of the set was greeted with raptures applause as they burst into the second half of the set with 'Surfacing', grabbing the crowd from the off and cementing their position on stage, the lads went on to play crowd pleasers such as 'All The Eastern Girls', 'Five Trees' and a new track - which Lewis mentioned on the night won't be on the album - 'Waterlight Park'. They closed the set on the great track 'The Shore' giving their fans something to think about... Chapel Club, you are going to get even bigger!

Chapel Club played:
Burt Reynolds
Old House
New Colours
Your Lawn
Excuses/The Ice

Five Trees
Waterlight Park
O Maybe I
All The Eastern Girls
The Shore

Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Old Version)
Chapel Club - Waterlight Park (Demo)