Gig Review... Elephant @ Shepherds Bush, London, 18th October 2011

Elephant are Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck. A conclusion that songwriting and documentation should only be accomplished by the turn of night, and should never leave comfort and safety of the bedroom. One thing I love about going to see a great band is that sometimes you strike it lucky with the support acts, and the opening act tonight was no exception. The band in question is Elephant, a young two piece band based in the capital, they play as a 3 piece live due to lots of layers in their songs. They had a very minimal approach when I first heard them on the internet, think of a British version of Active Child!

But they proved to be much better than anticipated, with the airy vocals of Amelia, and a welcomed guitar riff ticking away in the background supplied by Christian, from the first song I was in the mood for this kind of sound, relaxed and chilled. The sample pads and synths played by the third member were caressing the lyrics coming from the vocalists lungs. I made sure I picked up their EP - considering it's not officially out yet, but they had it on sale -, and it really is worth the listen, I played it on the way back home, it was a great performance and I'd love to see them again, hopefully very soon!

Elephant played:
Sugar Rush
Sky Swimming
Astral Visions

Elephant - Ants
Elephant - Wolf Cry