Gig Review... Other Lives @ Shepherds Bush, London, 18th October 2011

Other Lives were the second band on that night - just before Chapel Club came on-, so they had a very decent crowd to play to. And my gosh were the crowd treated to an array of tracks. They are an American band currently on a tour of Europe, and it seems like it's all going well!

They opened their set with 'As I Lay My Head Down' and 'Old Statues' and it was met with the crowd clapping, not just any old clapping, you could hear that the crowd were elated too with jeers and whistling. They didn't play that many songs considering they were the main support act, but the songs were big and beautiful, besides, it's quality not quantity right! I made sure I picked up their album after the show as I thought their performance was so good I thought to pick up some of their merchandise. They played the fine balance of Folk and Shoegaze (in my opinion). If you are in London on the 21st of November later on this year and are free, you can see them for yourselves at St. Giles Church.

Other Lives played:
As I Lay My Head Down
Old Statues
For 12
Tamer Animals
Dust Bowl III

Other Lives - For 12