Gig Review... WU LYF @ Shepherds Bush, London, 26th October 2011

There was a sense of anticipation in the air in the (all be it short) queue, so many questions around how they can play a 80+ minute set with the album only being 52 minutes long, another was if there was another support act, and even down to the merchandise on sale! You will be pleased to know there was stuff to buy, plenty T-Shirts, and the usual badges and vinyl, and for some reason, a scarf. But back to the gig review.

They had their own version of a crucifix (most likely called the Wu-Cifix) at the back of the stage all lit up dazzling the fans below it, the band then came on stage to a crowd that welcomed them with open arms, you know when it's going to be a good gig when you get crushed even before the band actually pick up their instruments. Every song was met like it was a hit, and in a sense they all are, with only the album (to date) being physically released the fans went mental with nearly everyone participating in howling, singing and banging the drum that Ellery threw into the crowd - the same very drum that was quickly whisked away by the stupid 'bouncers'. With every song off the album being played the crowd was eager for more. So they played a cover of a 'Chris Isaak' song, 'Wicked Game', this was pulled off to perfection as the older crowd even starting to sing along. This was such a great night, it was topped off by meeting the Bassist and Drummer outside after the gig. When I was speaking to Thomas after the gig, he mentioned to me that they never intended to be so secretive, they just literally didn't do anything, it was mainly down to the media that got people into them, this 'secretive' band is just still four normal guys from Manchester, no more, no less. They all were really genuine and were some of the friendliest people I've had the pleasure to meet. He even mentioned a second album, but I won't tell you what he said about it.

Wu Lyf played:
Cave Song
Summas Bliss
Such A Sad Puppy Dog
Spitting Blood
Interlude (Cover)
Concrete Gold
14 Crowns For Me & Your Friends
Heavy Pop

Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)
We Bros

Wu lyf - Reprise by It's All Indie (Fred)

Wu Lyf - Dirt
Wu Lyf - Heavy Pop