Hidden Gems... Chapel Club - Waterlight Park

One of the new songs from the yet untitled second album is called 'Waterlight Park', this is a demo of the song that (they hope) will appear on the album. It's free so well worth the hard-drive space, it is Chapel Club of course so it's always nice to have a rare song on your iPod.

Although this is a demo, this is a strong song to base the second album on, wonderful vocals provided once again by Lewis and a strong instrumental background for him to project his vocals upon. Lewis said in an interview that he would like the next album to be a bit more up-beat and with some dance elements involved, this suggests otherwise, with sticking to what got them big in the first place. But what do we know, this is only a demo.

Chapel Club - Waterlight Park (Demo Jan 2011) by It's All Indie (Fred)

Chapel Club - Waterlight Park (Demo)