Introducing... Hey Sholay

A lovely 5 piece Folk/Indie-Rock band from the Sheffield and Leeds area of the UK. They craft sweet harmonies with light riffs, a brilliant clunky bass and foot tapingly brilliant drums. They have just came off a tour with Crystal Antlers and are now finishing their tour off supporting the fabulous Cave Painting.

But enough of the other bands, you want to hear more of Hey Sholay right! They currently have a single out on iTunes - "Dreamboat / The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees" - and you can stream 'Dreamboat' below the post. I'd keep a close eye on them as they are going to be big in 2012, why? Because their album is going to be out, and judging by the critics that reviewed their d├ębut single, this will be amazing!

Tour dates:
05 Oct - AlterEgo, Bristol (w/ My Other Life)
06 Oct - The Castle, Manchester (w/ Cave Painting)
08 Oct - The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle (w My Other Life)
11 Oct - Borderline, London (w/ The Crookes)
21st Oct - Stone Roses, York

Latest tracks by Hey Sholay