Introducing... Various Cruelties

If you can imagine the absolute medium of Alex Turner and a soulful version of Justin Young then that's the vocals of this next band. Various Cruelties are based in London (via Leeds) and they have influences such as Arcade Fire, Villagers and Ian Brown. It does rub off on the music these guys make.

Now, I have only literally just started to listen to the tracks I have found on soundlcoud and everything seems to be not one bit below superb. The bass driven 'Neon Truth' is one of my favourites out of the tracks I have so far heard, and you can hear it below this post too! 'If It Was't For You' is a Alternative-Soul track with elements of a slow Vaccines song, caressing the gentle vocals of the lead singer. The last track I've heard of is called 'Cold As You' which also is bass driven and has trumpets and - what sounds like - a big band playing, one thing is for certain, this band isn' afraid to mix it up!