Introducing... We Humans

We Humans are a young 4 piece from Shropshire. After writing, recording and producing the bulk of the current material founding member Eamonn Russell decided to recruit school friends Stig Preston, Jon Crampton and Dan Quinton to play bass, keys and drums. They have spent most of 2011 locked away in dark studios and rehearsal spaces honing their craft to present now what is We Humans, and it's paid off!

We Humans have only been gigging since June 2011 and on top of this they have only streamed 3 demos online; at this stage they certainly are unknown quantities. With a sound that can't be put into one certain genre they are set out to please everyone individually, all you need to do is listen to a song or two, they're great, their single 'One In A Million / Axis' is released November 14th.

One In A Million by We Humans