Single Review... Futures - Island In The Sea

Futures have been one of those bands I first found out about when I started the blog (amongst others), and it's really really great to see them grow and grow into something that I know will be big int he future. I've even got their début self released album signed and it has been one of the most played albums in my music library of 2011. What's more is that they've just given away a FREE track, 'Islands In The Sea', which, until now, I've been listening to a rough demo version of it with static everywhere.

Island In The Sea:
As I've said before, a great huge step forwards for the band, a big move forwards from their initial studio work. The guitars from the off are ear catching with riffs associated by the big hitters in the 'Indie-Rock' genre, vocals are supplied by Ant West (as per the usual) and he sounds just as good as he ever has done, combine that all with amazing throbbing bass and the amazing drumming skills provided by the usual faces. This (once again) is a great song, and one that I hope will be on their début 'signed' album, 2012 will be big for them! I know it!
Out of 10: 9/10

Futures - Island In The Sea
Out of 10: 9/10

Futures - Islands in the Sea - Free Download by Mercury Records