Single Review... New Ivory - Something You Should Know

This is the Indie-Rock stylings of new Dim Mak-approved juggernauts New Ivory. They have a similar sound of Canterbury, Bloc Party and Foals all rolled up in the sleek indie vibes of New Ivory! Their latest offering 'Something You Should Know' is a great single, and considering it only cost me 79 pence it's well worth it!

Something You Should Know:
They have edged slightly away from the 'Indie' scene here with a typical rock track you would expect to see high up in the XFM and NME radio charts. This track has air guitar written all over it as I've been shredding along to this rather badly on my guitar. Other than my poor attempts to rivalling their guitar skills, I have really been loving the choruses and the final bridge of the song, infectious bass and guitar drape the song and it oozes motion with the lyrics stylings that has gotten them their record deal, I just want to see a physical CD/Vinyl so I can support this band even more. Why? Because I know they'll explode onto the music scene any time now!
Out of 10: 9/10

New Ivory - Something You Should Know
Out of 10: 9/10

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