Single Review... Starlings - Dark Arts

Riding high on the blog love from their first two singles, Starlings are back with yet another infectious Electronic gem! Building their sound around a distinctive Balearic sound they have combined Techno, Indie and Electronic elements to give one more look into the workings of the band.

Dark Arts:
Bass and Synths open the track with an echoing layer of vocals, this gives you the chills from the off. You would be expected to think this is a slower track than any of their previous work. Just wait, the drop is coming! Just after the bridge the chorus hits you like a punch to the face. It's amazing, the amount of layers they have put into this track gives your ears a right old treat as there is so much to take in, one part of the track I do admire, that's for sure!
Out of 10: 8/10

Starlings - Dark Arts
Out of 10: 8/10

S T A R L I N G S - DARK ARTS (Single Mix) by S T A R L I N G S