Track of the week... Hey Sholay - Wishbone

A lovely 5 piece Folk/Indie-Rock band from the Sheffield and Leeds area of the UK. They craft sweet harmonies with light riffs, a brilliant clunky bass and foot tapingly brilliant drums. They have had a brilliant year with them band seeing themselves support Crystal Antlers and the fabulous Cave Painting.

After hearing their last single 'Dreamboat/The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees', I then fell in love with the band and found a download link of 'Wishbone', this cemented them into my hard-drive for ever with the guitars and vocals toying with my ears, the fantastic effects they add into the track, the distortion on the guitar in the background and the the nice folky touch towards the end of the track. I am certain that 2012 will be an even better year for this band, with plays on the radio already, next year will be the year they get into the world!

Wishbone by Hey Sholay