EP Review... Morning Parade - Us & Ourselves EP

I'd say this is the start of the album promotion now, Morning Parade has been in my life for 18 months now and it's been a great journey as a fan! From seeing them open up the Junction in Cambridge to playing The Scala two months ago I'm sure they'll go on to be even bigger by this time next year! The 'EP' isn't a proper 'EP' in the sense that they went out to do an 'EP' rather more it's a single with a live song and a remix. One thing I was excited about is the new version of 'Youth'.

Us & Ourselves:
With this being the first single off the album - as of which, fans have been waiting a while for - the song proves the hype right down to the final beat. The lads are once again on top form here with one of their best songs to date (that we know of).
"I kick my legs and I surface for air
I'll show you when I'm out of luck"
The lyrics are sung with such heart and soul, Andy (the drummer) has his work cut out here as he doesn't have one second to breathe, a song filled with great drumming accompanied with the riffs (down to Steve and Chad) and synths (Ben) that have gotten them the fan-base. With added backing vocals (Phil and Ben) the song gets more depth, more in depth as I've ever heard from this band before.
Out of 10: 9.5/10

The new version of 'Youth' is so superior to the demo that I've heard over 200 times (according to last.fm). But one thing Morning Parade know how to do is progress, and my gosh, this song really represents what they're about! Still to this day I don't know why it's not on the album but at least it can be a fan favourite. Steve has said to me that "we want to put new music out, so 'Youth' had to be missed off the album", still I am pleased it got released, this is still, and always will be my favourite song by these guys...
Out of 10: 10/10

Us & Ourselves (Live):
This live version of the single is a great way to see/hear how good the band is performing live, they are so tight and even when playing live they sound so polished!
"Hit the ground and start running"
The best opening lyrics to any of their songs - bar 'Youth' - and when they're playing this live, people are singing it so much they're sweating! Apart from the dodgy equalization 6 seconds in this track is just as good as the studio track.
Out of 10: 9/10

Us & Ourselves (St Lucia Remix):
I am one to admit straight away, I'm not a fan of remixes, yet for some reason this remix has proved to be the anomaly. The big bass running up to the chorus isn't amazing but it's the latter thrid of the track that really grabs you, very atmospheric, even by a remixes standard, it's amazing to see the remixer still keep the 'Morning Parade-touch' on the track. That being, I'll still never give more than a 8/10 for a remix.
Out of 10: 8/10

Morning Parade - Us & Ourselves EP
Out of 10: 9.1/10

Morning Parade 'Us & Ourselves' (KAMUKI Bring Back the 80's Remix) EMI Records by kamukihq