Gig Review... Coasts @ The Nest, London, 12th November 2011

We have blogged about this amazing band once before, and after a great tip off my their bands manager I was told they were supporting Trophy Wife at a small free gig in London. My my my was it a gig to remember. Yes it was free but small? The capacity was 350 people, but with the stage being the size of a small bedroom the band had a tough time fitting in all of their equipment, and trust me, these guys have a fair few instruments to get in!

The crowd was very eager for them to come on, partly because the first band (one guy and his laptop and moog) was not the biggest crowd grabber. Coasts popped up onto stage, and after the first note of the very first song people instantly turned their heads and were listening. The vocals grabbed everyone by the end of the set - which was cut short due to ramblings before the doors opened - but they seemed to play to more people than the headliners, people were going ecstatic towards the end of their set. With most of the crowd in the front bopping away to the music they know how to write songs that gets the fans attention, and considering most of the crowd have not seen this band before, they all got really into it! A great performance all round from a great bunch of guys, I'll be sure to see them again!

Coasts - Breathe
Coasts - Drum Song