Gig Review... Trophy Wife @ The Nest, London, 12th November 2011

After we were blew away by their début single, astonished by the follow up and then the ear-gasm that was their EP, I just had to see this band again! We previously caught them at Underground Festival in Gloucester, but due to missing most of their set I didn't think it worth while writing a review up. Still, here I am, with a review on their performance from The Nest in Dalston (London).

They opened their set with 'Wolf', this track was produced by Yannis from Foals and you can clearly see the influence he has had even when the track is being played live, a slow jam starting off the crowd with huge synths, dark vocals and bass laden samples. The crowd were now up for it, and when they played the first few notes of 'Bruxism' the place erupted! One of their oldest songs then followed - 'Take This Night' - which is still as great as it ever has been! Another track of the highly acclaimed EP was 'Sleepwalks' which with it's upbeat rhythms was pleasantly revived by the crowd, at this time it ticked midnight, but hey, Trophy Wife up close and live at that time of day is amazing, right! Two new track were played back to back, they were 'Discovery' and 'Heavy Touch', I can't remember much, but they must be for the impending album or as a new single? Still, I loved them none the less. 'Microlite' and 'Canopy Shade' finished off the set, I must say, I was blown away by their skill on stage, commanding vocals and the hot and sweaty conditions, great show guys, see you soon!

Trophy Wife played:
Take This Night
Heavy Touch
Canopy Shade

Trophy Wife - Surfacing by It's All Indie (Fred)

Trophy Wife - Microlite