It's All Indie #4

Our 4th instalment of the finest music to fall under the tag 'Indie', all music that was not initially free to share has been given consent by each and every one of the bands and or their management.

1) Pilots - Let The Light In
2) Films Of Colour - Slow Burn
3) Fixers - Trans Love
4) Elephant - Ants
5) Smith & Burrows - Funny Looking Angels
6) Dog Is Dead - River Jordan (Acoustic)
7) Futures - Islands In The Sea
8) Waylayers - Magnets
9) Chapel Club - Waterlight Park (Demo)
10) We Are Tokyo - Magnetic
11) Trophy Wife - Canopy Shade (Acoustic)


If you have any problems about the mixtape please email us at before taking action as I can take out any tracks if need be.