News: Editors' 4th album due in 2012

Editors have so far had two number one albums and a number two album, all in just under four years of being called Editors. They are currently recording for the 4th album and although they haven't been playing much in 2011 a couple of new songs have surfaced. They are called 'Two Hearted Spider' and 'The Sting', they both continue on from 'In This Light And On This Evening' and sound like they could easily fit onto the album no problem.

The band are renowned for playing 'new material' live then shelving it for even newer songs when the album comes out. Vocalist and Rytham Guitarist Tom Smith has recently been playing under 'Smith & Burrows' with fellow multi-instrumentalist Andrew Burrows, and has even been playing Editors songs live, but in an alternative way, Guitar/Piano and Strings. Watch out for more news relating Editors comeback, knowing them, it'll be amazing! Click on the songs below to be taken to youtube to see them being performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Editors - The Sting
Editors - Two Hearted Spider