News: Everything Everything to play new material

Everything Everything have embraced 2011 as much as they physically could, with many award ceremonies, festivals and loads of new fans coming their way, the lads surely had fun. In a recent email sent out to their fans they mention that...
(we are) writing and rehearsing new material whenever we get a spare week.

This is great news for fans (such as myself) who have been following the band from the early days, the early days that had them releasing every single on a new record label. They went on to talk about supporting Snow Patrol in Ireland and playing a couple of 'Warm-up' shows for the Irish tour, and then they said this...
We'll see you in January with some new songs.
I'm looking forward to them! Why not see what the lads are capable of, by downloading this astonishing cover they done for the My Kz, Ur Bf 7" Re-Release single.

Everything Everything - Carry Me Home by It's All Indie (Fred)