Gig Review... Futures @ Chinnerys, Southend, 9th December 2011

After following this band for a long time, I finally got round to see them play The Haymakers in Cambridge earlier this year. This tour was different though, they chose to play places they've not been before (as a band). And today it was the turn of the famous Chinnerys in Southend-On-Sea. As per the usual Futures asked their fans to suggest some opening acts for the gig, the first band was good, had some cracking riffs, but the vocals seemed too familiar, good all round. But I didn't get their demo CD, which is a shame because I'm sure they'd sound better on CD. The second band sounded way too commercialised to even dare mention them on this blog.

The turn out wasn't as I expected, around 150 people were in attendance, but then again this was the 'Far Reaches Tour', playing places they most likely will not play again (as I suspect they'll be bigger next year). They played an energetic mix of songs opening with their latest endeavour 'Start A Fire', the energy in the crowd spurred on the band and they performed in typical fashion... amazingly tight and without fault. They played 5 out of the 7 tracks off their 'Mini-Album' with the additions of new tracks 'Say My Name' and 'Start A Fire'. The track I most enjoyed out of the set was 'Island In The Sea', I've got the demo and the new version but the live performance always blows me away. Futures will be building on their success and I wouldn't be surprised if they have a top 10 album next year. Also, a brand new track is available to stream below, it's the B-Side off their last single, it's called 'Speed Of Light'

Futures played:
Start A Fire
Sal Paradise
Island In The Sea
Say My Name
Thank You
The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Futures - Speed Of Light by It's All Indie (Fred)