Gig Review... Futures @ The Forum, Tunbridge Wells, 7th December 2011

On a cold December evening battling with the remains of man flu, two friends and I wander into the Tunbridge Wells forum to be greeted by floods of pre-adolescents waiting for the final support to finish and the draw dropping Futures to arrive on stage. Apart from the sense that I am one of the oldest people in the room I can feel that cameras are about to go off and people are going to start dancing.

Futures started off their astounding set with their latest single 'Start a Fire'. With alternating guitars and all four members joining in to provide harmonised vocals, the single is one to watch out for. Apart from the natural energy that Futures brought with them, they also managed to captivate a crowd of devoted fans hang on every syllable that was sung.

IMAGE (c) of Charlie O'Halloran

At this point the only thing that I wanted more of was the crowd of fresh faced teens to be moving, just a little? However my attention was reverted back as Futures stepped into 'Sal Paradise' a song which mixes pop verses with a hint of pop punk in between. The song again showed many influences of the band and also let lead singer Ant West showcase an impressive vocal range which lead the band into the title track of the d├ębut album 'The Holiday'. At this point the shouts and camera flashes echoed around the room with all eyes trained upon the stage eagerly awaiting the bands response to their efforts of singing along to Futures set so far. To which they respond "What day is it? Wednesday? Wednesday!...Is everyone having a good Wednesday?" the crowd reacts with warmth and comic chorus in their response. Before Futures play their final track 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' they leave the crowd waiting whilst sipping what looks suspiciously like peppermint tea. This in turn enabled enough time for crowd to muster what strength they had left for last song from the Buckinghamshire based band to play. The last song highlights what's best about Futures, that fact they have managed to merge both pop and punk to form a perfect balance which attracts such a wide audience. It's an odd sight, seeing a band of this stature playing a relatively small venue in comparison to the earlier dates of the bands UK wide tour. Overall Futures delivered a blistering set in which the underrated band set an extremely high standard for others to reach. I’m personally excited to see what will come next.

Gig Review written by - Joshua Tanner

Futures - Speed Of Light by It's All Indie (Fred)