Gig Review... Morning Parade @ Camden Barfly, London, 8th December 2011

This was a special night for everyone who was there, for the fans that'll be hearing the album played from start to finish, to the journalists and press that have yet to see them play a small venue and see what they're like. Not forgetting the band too, this is a journey for them too, this is the first time they've played a set in this order and afterwards Steve told me "it's really great to hear it back and to see what the record sounds like being played from start to finish".

Even though this was 50% journalists and 50% fans they still performed to their high standard of showman-ship. They kicked off the show with one of the songs they streamed before the Scala show a few months back, 'Blue Winter', following that was one of their older songs, the song of which I am very happy to see on the album! 'Headlights'. 'Us & Ourselves' and 'Under The Stars' got the most amount of people dancing like loonies and singing to their hearts-content. Also, as it was the album playback party they played 'Half Litre Bottle', which from the very first time I heard it even to now, I still can't believe how beautiful it is. What's more is that the new version of 'Monday Morning' is just as stunning as the track before it, this too got some fans singing along and certainly was the highlight of the night for me. But then came 'Speechless' and 'Born Alone' maybe the best two closing tracks to any live performance or album. I was just so glad to be down there to bear witness to this, I'll be following them closely in the next few months, some treats are coming your way

Morning Parade played:
Blue Winter
Running Down The Aisle
Us & Ourselves
Under The Stars
Close To Your Heart
Half Litre Bottle
Monday Morning
Born Alone

Morning Parade - Close To Your Heart by It's All Indie (Fred)