News: Fixers - Evil Carbs video

Fixers are known for their Phycadellic and Experimental music, this track is their most Experimental by far. Starting with the video it looks like a retro 70's kids show. What's more is that the track - which is taken from their new EP released December 5th - is the most Psychedelic since their early stuff. The same music they released on the 'Surf-Wax' CD last year.

Fixers are playing The Horn in St Albans tonight and are paying The Independent in Sunderland on the 5th. Their live shows are to remember, they sound so great live and I'd love to hear this new song live too, I can imagine them being even more experimental come the d├ębut album.

Fixers - Surf Wax E.P (March 2010/Self Released)