News: Young Legionnaire announce 'Wreckonomics' + Free Download

'Killdozer' is a brand new track, taken from their new Wichita released EP, entitled 'Wreckonomics'. The five track EP, which also features the songs named 'Perfect Chain', 'Pinstripe Crown', 'We Can Build You' plus this and predictably the title track 'Wreckonomics'.

Their EP was mixed (after a few duff mixes) by the legendary Alex Newport (At The Drive In, Death Cab For Cutie, The Melvins) and features Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party) and Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:milo) making a helluva lot of beautiful noise, which sounds exactly like this (below). If you want to buy the digital copy, don't bother, why? Because their label give away a free download code with all vinyl, so why not buy the 10". You can pre-order it now on the Wichita website.

Killdozer by Young Legionnaire by seaninsound