Sounds of 2012 - #10 - Safari

We've heavily featured this band since we first heard them in July, and for good reasons too! I suspect a highlight of their year would be playing 'Rhythms Of The World' Festival in Hitchin in their home county. I heard about the masses of young fans ramming the small stage and people bouncing along to the grooves!

They've had a wonderful year and with the d├ębut album just round the corner the band released a double A-Side single 'Are We Ready/Doubt' on their website just a few days ago. They only released 'Doubt' on YouTube a few weeks ago, but this is what we though of 'Are We Ready' ... Trumpets open the song with high pitched vocals accompanying it, then bass hit. The tension is broken when the drums and guitar drop. Great bass riffs and brilliant synth samples are used throughout the song. Safari have really crafted a song to be a big hit in the future, what is for sure is it suits the summer well! I wonder if it is them that has supplied this Indian summer we have been having as of late, hmm. What is for certain is this track is a killer.

So with an album out in 2012 they'll be one to keep an eye on for sure, be sure to like their page and to check back every few days because I'm sure they'll announce a show near you soon!

Are We Ready by this is SAFARI

Safari - So I See