Sounds of 2012 - #3 - Films Of Colour

Films of Colour are: Andy Clutterbuck (vocals), James Hatcher (guitar), Jack Allinson (bass/synths) and James Rees-Flynn (drums). They are one of the best finds in the world of It's All Indie in the past year, with two singles and a David Bowie endorsed track being released they are lapping up all of the pre-album success.

Having played KoKo and Shepherds Bush already this year, I wouldn't be surprised by this time next year they'd be on everyone's lips, with amazing tracks such as 'Capital', 'Circles', 'Actions' and 'Persinette' they've already managed to create four amazing tracks to call their own, also they've covered a Bowie song, 'Slow Burn', which has been promoted on the Bowie official website and by such media sites as! It is a darn certainty that 2012 will be a big year for the four lads from London, I hope they're ready, because it's going to be a whirlwind. Expect an album and some live dates soon!

Films Of Colour - Actions (Acoustic)