Sounds of 2012 - #7 - AUX Innocent

AUX Innocent is an electro collective from somewhere near the old steel city of Sheffield. They are a chemical balance of colour and sound with melodies and a bass-drum that floods the room. Twinkling layers of electronica surge towards a cacophony of beautiful noise. We etch our insignia on today and tomorrow. We've been keeping a close eye on this band, and with a track called 'Indigo' already doing the rounds on the blogs I'm sure they'll make an amazing album in 2012.

They have Intruder records backing them in 2012 and with the members once being in Dance-Rock band The Spires. They've transferred their abilities into a magical combination of danceable Indie-Rock to aspire to in so many ways. Check out 'Indigo' on their facebook site now! It's also free to download!