Track of the week...Song Of Return - Trajectory (Single Mix)

I am just about to head off to London to see this band, then I remembered I hadn't posted a 'Track of the week' yet. So I thought, well, I've been loving this track recently so why not post about it. SO here I am, running late but wanting to share this astonishing track with all of you beautiful people. They are having this song released on an EP, and as such, they are releasing it today at The Old Blue Last in London. The EP is available for stream at the bottom of the post.

The track has so much going for it, as well as it having a really great chorus the track boasts a vocalist who is at the peak of his ability, the lungs are massive, he must have gone through a lot of training to get his lungs to perform for such a long time at full voice. The track also has a great atmosphere to it, with the track bursting at the seams when the chorus kicks in, the guitars jangle beforehand and lull you into thinking it's a quiet track, just wait, it's not, but it's still just as epic!